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squares: (pi are square(d))


Icons are Square Too

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Name:Squares - Icons by iulieki
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Community description:Icons and graphics by iulieki
Whaddaya mean pi r square?? Pies are round! /cheesy joke.

Howdy! This is where [info]iulieki posts icons, graphics, fun stuff, and boring stuff. Feel free to ask me anything. I'm nice if you're nice :)

Friend the community to see new posts on your friends list. You may join if you like, but it doesn't do anything - all posts here are public, and only I have posting access.

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1. Please Credit - Meaning put "by piaresquare" in the keywords when you upload your userpic :) But honestly, I won't care unless you say someone else made it (like yourself)
2. Commenting is Nice - Even if it's constructive crit. Really.
3. Don't Hotlink - Award comms are the only exception.
4. No Altering - I'll do it for you. For free!
5. Enjoy :D

My list of affiliates. Drop a comment here and I'll add you to the list.

[info]whodo icons by [info]annalouwho
[info]crownedroyals icons by several makers
[info]defaultsettings icons by [info]drankmywar
[info]random_bullet icons by [info]fanaticlook
[info]sacredicons icons by [info]leftofmyheart
[info]tamaduh icons by [info]anno_superstar
[info]twentystar icons by [info]palmaceae
[info]whorehole icons by [info]clockspiders
[info]xconic icons by [info]raths_kitten

Other places I mod

[info]thefocusgroup | [info]good_roswell | [info]captacular

(Enter 'discount4you' to get $40/50/60 off monthly/1 yr/2 yr plans.)

CSS from [info]thefulcrum (altered by me)

(p.s. I stopped updated the memories because tags are easier.)
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