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1 Big Love Fanmix (Barb & Bill)
5 Big Love icons

My goodness, this mix has been sitting on my computer...for a year!

Celestial Love
A Fanmix for the beautiful and dysfunctional relationship that is Barb and Bill.

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I finally got enough to post these. Or more like, I got sick of looking at them, so here they are.

7 Kathy Griffin (My Life on the D-List)
8 Dead Like Me
9 Big Love

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Also, I'd like to advertise [livejournal.com profile] fullerverse! For fans of Byran Fuller's shows, it's a community where you're sorted into teams and compete in games for points. Games can be graphic or writing related, or just trivia and quizzes. It's just started, so go join!

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1 Muppet Angel
15 Buffy (+3 quotes)
12 Big Love

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15 Closer
10 Dexter (non-spoilery for season 2)
9 Firefly
7 Big Love
2 Carnivale

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